Knobby Tire Upgrade - Phatty/Sport Only

Knobby Tire Upgrade - Phatty/Sport Only

The knobby tires deliver maximum performance on dirt, gravel, and light off-road terrains. If you're taking your Phatty or Sport to campsites, equestrian facilities, dirt trails, or sandy terrain, these tires are a must for that extra grip! Plus, they look awesome. 


  • Knob tread design for traction on hard surfaces
  • Durable construction 

Must be ordered at the time of scooter purchase only. 

NOTE: These knobby tires or only compatible with a Phatty or Sport model, or 2018 HD models. These tires are NOT compatible with the new 2019 HD, 2019 HD Golf, PHLEET or PHLEX models. Please contact us if you have compatability questions. 




Product type: Tires

Vendor: Phat Scooters