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Ride Now, Pay Later! Financing Available.

"The Most Exciting Thing to Happen to Personal Travel in Decades"

Experience Ultimate Freedom.

Hate sitting in traffic? So do we... we’d rather be exploring what life has to offer instead.

Whether you’re looking to change the way you commute, meet your friends at your favorite restaurant or go for an afternoon joyride, the Phat Scooter is the smart choice.

Saving yourself the headache of driving while taking care of our environment has never been easier — or more fun!

Build Yours Now

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Cruise In Style.

Most scooters look and feel lame — we designed the Phat Scooter to be the talk of the town anywhere you go.

Add a Custom Print to Your Fenders & Deck!

Build Your Scooter

Powerful, Yet Silent.

The zero-emissions, electric motor provides strong, but controlled acceleration. There's hardly a surface or a hill that the Phat Scooter can't handle. But best of all, the motor is completely silent.

Crafted For Your Lifestyle. 

Experience freedom on demand and never worry about parking or filling up gas again.

3 Driving Modes For Virtually Any Terrain:

The Phat Scooter's 3 different drive modes keep you within the legal limits for the boardwalk, golf course, and the bike lane. Phat Scooters recommends always wearing a helmet. Please check your local state laws for age restrictions and helmet requirements.

Room to Spare.

The battery sits flush under the deck for 6 inches of ground clearance.

Proven Safety

Our EABS hydraulic disc brakes can stop on a dime, if needed — your grandmother can rest happy knowing you’re in safe hands.

Start Riding Today.

No license or registration required, charge up and explore the moment your scooter arrives.*

* Check with local & state laws for age & license restrictions.

Customize Your Scooter to Fit You:

The PHATTY Original

The original, full-sized Phatty provides ultimate versatility while riding. Great for cruising while standing or sitting.

The Phatty SPORT

Designed for smaller riders, the Phatty Sport is 20lbs lighter and zips around without hesitation.  A great choice for him or her.

Equipped with the same motor and battery as the Phatty Original.

Build Yours Now

Customize Your Frame & Fender for a Classic Look.

Make your scooter unique with over 30 different color combinations to choose from. Custom printed decks are also available.

Order Now and Experience the Freedom You’ve Been Waiting For.

Simply sit back and relax while we prepare your custom scooter.

Build Yours Now

What if I Need Help?

Rest Easy with U.S. Based Customer Support & U.S. Based Parts Warehouse.

Questions? Call 866-972-6687

Want to Upgrade Your Scooter?

Cup Holder
Surfboard Rack