When you ride around on an electric scooter by Phat Scooters®, there’s no question that people around you will be jelly of your cool ride. While one layer of security is our unique keys (sometimes people think they can figure out a way to start it without the key…spoiler alert – you can’t), another way to protect your investment is to register your scooter. Here’s a quick story of how we helped one customer get his stolen scooter back.

John bought his son Brandon a Phat Scooters® electric fat tire scooter so he could ride it to and from school. When it arrived, John registered his scooter on PhatScooters.com and Brandon had a blast riding it to school the next day. When he was finished with classes, he was devastated to discover that someone had stolen his scooter, even though he locked it with a large bike chain lock His dad immediately filed a report with both the local police as well as with Phat Scooters® customer service team. 

A few months passed, and John thought Brandon’s scooter was gone forever. Until last week, when a Phat Scooters® customer service member identified a potential fraudulent customer. As a result of the scooter being registered, we were able to identify that it was John’s scooter. The local police were contacted, and within a few hours the scooter was delivered back to John and Brandon, unharmed and still holding a charge!

John told us, "I was so impressed by Phat Scooters and their passion. The owner took the time to show genuine concern. Most companies would have said 'Not our problem!', but not Phat Scooters! Their customer care is second to none and their product is unmatched in the industry." 

The sheriff also noted that he’d never worked with a company that went this far above and beyond to track down a stolen product.

When you choose a Phat Scooters® product, you can buy with confidence knowing that if you have any questions or issues, our team in Arizona (along with a fully stocked parts warehouse) has your back.


What else made the difference in tracking down John’s stolen scooter? REGISTRATION! He registered his scooter as soon as it arrived. Even with our stellar support team, we wouldn’t have been able to track down his stolen scooter as easily if it wasn’t registered.

Have you registered your scooter yet? It takes less than 5 minutes. Let’s go! You can also register by downloading the app.


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*Names have been changed to protect identity.