We dreamt of a better way to get around our neighborhoods. When we couldn't find one, we made it.


The last three years have been an adventure - watch our birthday video, check out our timeline, and read our story to relive some of our favorite moments.  

Phat Scooters Birthday Timeline


Our Story

Our founders Peter, Dan and Beau are friends and neighbors that were tired of having to waste gas driving to one another’s houses and nearby hotspots…and nobody wants to bike or walk in the middle of an Arizona summer! They needed a fun & easy way to travel short distances, so they started looking into buying an adult electric scooter. Everything they found on the market was cheaply made and offered zero customer service.  So they set out to create a better scooter

Peter and Beau have backgrounds in manufacturing, so they spent over a year researching and developing prototype electric scooters. When they finally created the first Phatty, people stopped them everywhere they scooted and asked where to buy one. The fat tires, comfortable seat, tall handlebars, and custom printed decks were like nothing people had ever seen.

What started as a personal endeavor quickly became a side business - Peter’s dad even started pitching in to help assemble scooters as more orders came in. Soon the popularity of Phat Scooters grew from a garage to a full warehouse office building filled with employees that are like family (Peter’s dad still runs the warehouse!).  Family is the most important part of our business – we take care of our customers like family, which makes Phat Scooters like no other e-vehicle company out there.

Over the years, we've expanded our product line up to include the HD Golf, HD, portable PHLEX, and a delivery scooter we dubbed the PHLEET. We've received rave reviews from PGA players, professional athletes, celebrities, and even won the coveted Editor's Choice Award from Golf Digest two years in a row.

We pride ourselves on creating a top-notch product with a warranty and customer service to back it up. The best part about a Phat Scooters® is the customization - you can completely customize the design and accessories to reflect your personal or professional brand. Our scooters are built for adventure - they're so fun and easy to ride, you'll want to explore outside every day.

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