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TireJect Tire Sealant

We use the highest rated tire repair and flat prevention product on the market, and the only formula designed to permanently seal a tire. The product uses recycled rubber tire particles and high strength Aramid fibers to clot the puncture or leak and liquid rubber is what bonds to the tire for a permanent seal. The 10oz kit comes with everything you need to seal one of your scooter tires (HD, HD Golf, Phatty, Sport). The 20oz kit comes with everything you need to seal both of your scooter tires (HD, HD Golf, Phatty, Sport). 

Run-Flat Tire Sealant by TireJect helps with:
Bead Leaks
Slow Leaks  
Punctures up to 3/8”*
Tread and Sidewall*  
Tire dry rot*




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Vendor: Phat Scooters