Reserve Battery

Go the extra mile.
Now you can scoot even farther on your ride by upgrading your scooter with a built in reserve battery. Each reserve battery adds an additional 35-50 miles of cruising.

Stored safely in our large metal basket, the battery is tucked away from view and the elements. With a charging port outside the basket theres no need to move the battery around. Once you use your full in-scooter battery, simply move the switch to the reserve battery and enjoy 35-50 additional miles. 

Each unit with a reserve battery includes the large metal basket with locking lid an additional charger in the pricing. Dimensions: 19.5L x 14.5W x 9H


 Original + Reserve Total Range*
12Ah + 12Ah Up to 70 Miles
12Ah + 20Ah  /  20Ah + 12Ah Up to 85 Miles
20Ah + 20Ah Up to 100 Miles

*Ranges based on 150lb person on flat ground.

A reserve battery requires professional installation and are not intended for after market purchases. 

Scooters typically ship within 1-2 business days. For customizations and add ons, expect an additional 1-3 days to shipping time.




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Vendor: Phat Scooters


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