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Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

Routine inspections ensure the safety and efficient operation of your Phat Scooter. Upkeep is easy with the Phat Scooters® Scooter Maintenance Kit. Each kit includes the directions and supplies you'll need to give your scooter a tune-up to keep exploring for miles and miles!


 The following Items are included:

WD40 Dry Lube Spray

Super Glue



Tire Gauge

Microfiber Towel

Compressed Air

Brake Fluid

Brake Pads

6mm Allen Wrench

(2) Frankenstein Bolts

(4) Decorative Washers

(10) Caliper Spacing Washers

(2) Fender Washers

(1) Split Washer for Gooseneck

(4) Front Fender Bolts

(4) Rear Phatty/Sport Fender Bolts

(4) HD Rear Fender Screws

(2) Headlight Screws

(4) Zip ties




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Vendor: Phat Scooters