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Give your customers a faster and easier way to explore the city with the electric modern Phat Scooter.


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Scoot in Style!


Phat Scooter Touring Package:

  - Customizable deck drives exposure to your business

 - 3 Driving Modes For Virtually Any Terrain

  - Basket accessory for belongings

  - Cup Holder for beverages

  - Bulk order discounts


–  30-50 mile range on a single charge

–  Battery charges in only 4 hours

Wide tires for easy balance and traction

Affordable, reliable, and low maintenance, which means offering Phat Scooters will be profitable for your business very quickly.

Zero emissions, silent but powerful, 1200-watt electric motor

Unique and fun!

Phat Scooters demand attention wherever they go.

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