A Note from the Founder:

“Painstaking thought and several iterations led to the design of an electric phat scooter.  We experimented with several different deck heights, battery and electrical configurations.  We found that electric scooters with low slung decks were the easiest to ride but always had issues with turning and high centering on objects such as curbs.  Bulky batteries required high decks to make room for large battery boxes underneath the scooter.  This created problems  on both functional and aesthetic level.  It increased the center of gravity making the scooters less stable and also exposed the battery and electronics to damage.  And it just didn't look good!

Our solution?  By incorporating an extremely low profile battery configuration, we were able to hide our battery pack underneath the deck of our scooter frame thus helping to protect the battery and offering a clean profile.  This allowed us to keep the center of gravity low enough to maintain a comfortable ride while also eliminating the issues of cornering and high centering.  We also packaged our electronics between the vertical frame tubing which shielded important systems from the elements.

The end result is a product we're very proud to present to our customers.  Never has a run to the store been so much fun.  Never has the ride to the restaurant been such an adventure and never will a lack of parking take away from where you and yours are going.  Simply put, a phat scooter Is a blast to ride, comfortable, and absolutely bullet proof.”


Phat Scooters Founder Dan Hankins

Dan Hankins
Phat Scooters