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Phat Scooters® Sport
March 11, 2019
I recently purchased a Phat Scooter sport with the speaker package.... I’ve had it for almost 5 months and it is an absolute blast. The only challenge now is that I’m running out of excuses to get out of the house and go ride it. I highly recommend getting a scooter and talking your friends into getting one too. Who wants to ride alone!?
Jeremy D.

Great Product with Great Service
February 14, 2019
I have had two Phat Scooters for over a year that get used daily as a golf cart replacement and they are still running strong. Chris is extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the product. Best of all, I still have fun riding it!
Katie R. 

Bomb AF
March 22, 2019
Love my Phat scooter!! Colors are brighter, food tastes more flavorful & my marriage is better than ever! #MagicSauce
Emily W.

Phat Scoot 🇺🇸🤙🏽Saltydoglane
October 16, 2018
Have had nothing but compliments living in a military town with my red, white and blue fenders. Stoked to have it for the beach and trails in Virginia Beach. Customer service was great on answering all my questions and getting my order squared away.
Stephen L.

The Best Scooter in Town!
February 13, 2019
Working with Peter, Chris, Ashley and the rest of the Phat Scooter team was such an amazing experience...not to mention FUN! Their support for our community & the attention to detail they put into the finished product was incredible! Thank you Phat Scooter Team! 
Liz R.

Good buy!
January 23, 2019
It is definitely worth having the bigger battery. I've got an eleven-mile commute to work. The smaller battery would make it there and back, but it definitely lost power and went much slower on the way home. It does so much better now so if I forget my charger I know I can still get home.
Brian S.


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