If a Phat Scooter is on your holiday list but you can't decide which model to get, this post is for you. We've summarized the best features of each model to help you decide which is ideal for you (forwarding this list helps drop a hint too). Click on each model for the full description and specs on our site. Plus, you can quickly and easily finance with low monthly payments with Affirm. 

With countless colors, footboard designs, and accessory combinations, everyone will be jealous of their personalized new ride. Does the recipient already have a Phat Scooter? Shop some of our new accessories, like a custom seat or license plate. 

HD Golf
This model has won multiple awards for a reason – the single rider movement has skyrocketed in popularity at courses across the country. Golfers love that they can experience their favorite courses in a whole new way and complete 18 holes in record time while focusing on their game. 

It’s the mac daddy of luxury personal scooters - with a removable battery, more suspension, more miles per charge and the most customization and accessory options.

HD + Wingman
What’s better than an HD? An HD with the Wingman Sidecar. It’s our favorite way to bring along your best bud or furry friend on your adventure.  

Our original fat tire scooter is a consumer favorite for a reason -  has tons of customization options and our signature sit-or-stand ride experience with wide tires for easy balance on any terrain.


Smaller than the Phatty with bike-style handlebars, but still rocks our signature fat tires. This scooter has a seated only ride (no standing) and is great for both adults and teens.


Compact enough to fit in your trunk – great for kids or campus, apartment, or cross commuters. 


Since it’s classified as an eBike, it’s bike lane friendly in cities that have restrictions for scooters.