We’ve been on a wild ride since social distancing, quarantine, and work from home became a part of our daily vocabulary thanks to COVID-19.

While we primarily are an online retailer, a lot of people don’t realize that every time you order a scooter you’re helping someone keep their job. Each scooter requires 4-6 hours of labor before it’s shipped out, not including any additional customization, design, and all the support staff involved in running the company. We’ve had to make a lot of changes but are working hard to keep as many of our people employed as possible. We normally prefer to keep in touch in person, so instead, we've been sending a lot of emails and reaching out to our customers on the phone. Prior to the shutdown, we had so many events in the works – we were giving away a PHLEX scooter at every Giants spring training game and had plans to attend at least 25 different events across the country, including charity fundraisers, golf tournaments and conventions. Everything is on pause, postponed, or canceled. We had to quickly reevaluate, change direction, and adjust our plans. On the bright side, we still have a lot of great things happening in our world. In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to over the last four weeks, with even more excitement in the works for the future.

  • We pushed up our launch of our new Food Delivery Scooter, the PHLEET, and donated 9 of them to local restaurants in Arizona to help them serve their community and stay in business without sacrificing a huge portion of their proceeds to major delivery services.

  • We extended our free shipping offer so that interested customers can order a scooter and feel safe not having to pick it up from the warehouse.

  • We’ve seen an outpouring of love from our Phat Phamily – customers are sharing with us that getting out for an evening scoot has been their favorite part of the day while in quarantine. Parents have purchased a PHLEX for their kids and are telling us that it’s saving their sanity when the kids have cabin fever.

  • We launched an Artist Series and are kicking it off with two amazing artists – Justin Pierce and Desmond Mason. They are mega-talented, creative, outgoing, and all-around really good guys. This is a cool opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind work of art that will make you the talk of the town. 

  • Social Distancing at golf courses has become essential, and our HD Golf is suddenly in more demand than ever. Instead of renting out a golf cart for each individual golfer, courses can send out a foursome of HD Golfs. We’ve put together a lot of great promotions for courses in need right now. Contact erik@phatscooters.com if you know of a course that needs to embrace the single rider revolution.

We are so appreciative of everyone that is in our Phat Phamily – you believed in our mission to create a better scooter, and without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. If you enjoy your scooter – please tell your friends! Every scooter purchase helps keep us going and our employees working.

Stay safe and scoot on,
Peter Johnson CEO, 

Phat Scooters