PHLEET Restaurant Delivery Scooter

How Phat Scooters helped local restaurants during COVID-19

Phat Scooters has donated ten PHLEET Delivery Ebikes to local restaurants during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown.  

 With a passion for small business, CEO and Founder, Peter Johnson worked with the Phat Scooters executive team to quickly develop a program mobilizing local restaurants' ability to ramp up their take-out and home delivery with PHLEET Delivery Ebikes.

The company provided ten PHLEET Delivery Ebikes at no charge to locally-owned restaurants. 

The all-electric PHLEET Delivery Ebike is made exclusively for the food delivery market. The Ebikes increase delivery times by eliminating parking issues and minimizing traffic delays. The electric Ebikes can use bike lanes and provide faster delivery than a bike. The Ebikes are customizable and easy-to-ride, with no specialty license, insurance, or registration required.   

 "We love our local businesses; we're a local business. Local businesses are the fabric of our community and have helped create the Valley culture we all love. We know restaurants and bars are the hardest hit during this time; they've been asked to close their doors as part of the CDC's social distancing recommendations. As a local business, we felt a responsibility to support them".  

- Peter Johnson, CEO of Phat Scooters

Selected restaurants were: Chestnut Fine Foods & Provisions, Crujiente Tacos, Loma Brewing Co., Majerle’s Sports Grill, OHSO Brewery, Philly Sandwich Co., Randy’s Restaurant, Upward Projects (two donations) and The Vig.

In a rapid response to the evolving COVID-19 restaurant and bar closures, Phat Scooters has organized a cost-effective finance program to assist the foodservice industry quickly ramp up their food delivery capacity. Phat Scooters is offering a program that can promptly equip restaurants with a PHLEET Delivery Ebike on a finance plan and will allow the restaurant to opt-out of the program after three payments if needed.  


Valley Restaurant and Bar owners can get more information on the program at, visit the local showroom at 3220 S. Fair Lane, Suite 12, Tempe, AZ 85232 or call 866-972-6687.   


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