Arizona-based Phat Scooters has been leading the way in the personal electric scooter market, and their newest model is their most portable and innovative scooter yet. Launching this month, the new PHLEX is a personal seated electric scooter with a smaller size that gives the owners freedom to bring it wherever their adventure takes them. 

The PHLEX boasts a powerful motor on a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, and it folds easily for transport and storage - meaning the rider can go from scooter to car or train efficiently and quickly. The ability to ride seated or standing means longer commutes are way more comfortable and fun on the PHLEX, whether you are riding it around campus, to work, school, or around the neighborhood. 

As Phat Scooters are known for their customization, naturally the PHLEX comes in three colors to choose from that fit your personality: Cobalt, Punch, and Onyx. Impressive technology in the battery allows it to go up to 15 miles on a single full charge, which takes under 3 hours, and it maxes out at 13 miles per hour. It’s an ideal option for younger family members that can’t quite handle a full size Phatty, but don’t underestimate the PHLEX – it can handle riders up to 240 pounds. The freedom to zip around on a small, personal electric scooter opens up new avenues for transportation in so many environments.  

 “After the success of our original Phat Scooters models, our customers started asking for a smaller scooter with the versatility to take on the go, maneuver around their warehouse or campuses, or for smaller riders,” explains Peter Johnson, CEO of Phat Scooters. “The new PHLEX perfectly compliments our existing scooter collection, and now there’s a Phat Scooter for everyone and every situation.”  

The best part about any product from Phat Scooter is their customer service – they are unmatched in quality and sincerity. They genuinely care that every single customer is happy with their purchase, and go above and beyond to help as needed. So if you are looking at a few options or have any questions or problems with a Phat Scooters product, they have team members based in Arizona ready to help. The new PHLEX introductory package starts at $995 and includes a basket, lock, phone holder, and free shipping ($1,135 value- limited time only). The PHLEX is currently available for pre-order at and will start shipping out at the end of March.


About Phat Scooters

Since launching in summer 2017, Phat Scooters has skyrocketed in popularity in the electric scooter market both commercially and as a personal lifestyle E-Cruiser.  Phat Scooters is a manufacturer of recreational and commercial Electric Fat Tire Scooters. Our custom accessories and branding make our scooters ideal for golf facility rentals, commercial and personal use. We offer a fun and exciting way to travel, whether it be commuting or heading out to grab a few groceries. For more information, visit