Adventure Awaits - Let's go exploring.

There are so many new paths to discover when you ride a Phat Scooters product. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride!

Five Socially Distant Scooter Adventures 


1. Pick up your takeout order

Save a little money and order your food from your favorite local restaurant and pick it up via your scooter! Not only does ordering direct through the restaurant (instead of using a 3rd party delivery service) benefit the small business owner, but it also helps you save money on delivery fees. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.

2. Outdoor Picnic (with DJ Phat Scooter)

Whether you’re cooking at home or eating take out, has anyone else been eating in front of the TV most of this pandemic? 🙋‍♀️ Change it up with an outdoor picnic this weekend. Whether you visit a local park or set up in your front yard, it’s nice to take a screen break and enjoy the great outdoors.  We love playing our favorite tunes via the speakers on our scooter while we chill on a blanket in the grass. Try this 80’s playlist that Les Garland put together.

3. Take your scooter somewhere new

Most often we start our ride from our house – why not find somewhere new to explore? Using our hitch mount scooter carrier you can create your own tour of your city. Discover new points of interest downtown for a creative photo shoot, head to the mountains for some camping, or take your scooter to the nearest beach, lakeside or river walk. The fact that you can ride on nearly any terrain, from sidewalk to sand, means the possibilities are endless.

4. Running errands
running errands with scooters

After working from home and quarantining most of 2020, those moments where we need to run an errand have turned into exciting escapes. If you need storage for your groceries or hardware store runs, we have plenty of basket options for Phatty, Sport and HD, or the PHLEET has the largest storage rack. You can also use the Wingman to store additional items as needed. And we won’t blame you if you take the long way there for some extra ride time.

5. Golfing

One way to easily socially distance and get outside is a round of golf. If you live in the southwest or southeastern part of the country, it’s prime golfing season. Our award-winning HD Golf Scooter has everything you need to cruise your favorite course and experience the game like never before.

Want to try before you buy? Call Matt Jones with the Phat Golf team to get you pointed in the right direction of a course nearest you - (602) 570-7176.