Though we can’t wait to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror, we still want to reflect on a lot of positive shining moments throughout the year. Thank you to all of you who stood by us throughout this wild ride, or joined the Phat Fam this year. We hope your scooter adventures brought joy to you and your family.

Here’s part one of a look-back on the year that we’ll never forget, but barely remember. Be on the lookout for part two, coming soon!

January 2020

Sir Nick Faldo loves Phat Scooters

We kicked off the year in Florida at the PGA Merchandise Show. Not only was our HD Golf a returning favorite (and better than ever), but we showcased new golf specific products like the PHLEET Food and Beverage cart and the Marshal scooter. One of the highlights of the trip was when golf legend, Sir Nick Faldo, named Phat Golf the best single rider experience at the show.  

February 2020

After our popularity at the PGA Merchandise Show, we were named the preferred vendor for single rider vehicles at all Troon managed courses and properties (the world’s largest professional golf management company). This was a huge opportunity for us to bring the joy of the single rider movement to more courses across the country.

March 2020

Welp, as we all know, this is when “it” hit the fan. We had dozens of events planned that were suddenly cancelled.  As with many companies across the globe, we had to reevaluate everything we had in the works, find ways to protect our employees, and redirect our plans.  One momentous launch that didn't have to be delayed was our Artist Series, where we featured collaborations with two incredibly talented artists – JPierce and DMason.

April 2020

We looked around and saw our favorite local restaurants barely keeping their head above water. While food-delivery services seem great on the surface, they don’t leave much room for profit with the business owner. To help them the food industry, we donated 12 PHLEET food delivery scooters to local restaurants in AZ and Southern California, each one customized with a design to reflect the restaurant and help them spread awareness of their in-house delivery option.

 May 2020

Phat Scooters is proudly partnered with Meals Up and Feeding America.  Part of the Meals Up, Wheels Up initiative, in partnership with Feeding America, was to supply 10 million meals to those facing hunger during the COVID-19 Crisis. Phat Scooters pledged to donate 1,000 meals to Feeding America for each qualifying scooter ordered through May 31, 2020. We smashed our initial goal of 50,000 meals and ended up donating 160,000 meals to those in need.  

June 2020

Phat Scooters Turns 3! from Phat Scooters on Vimeo.

It was our 3rd year in business and the pandemic made us feel even more grateful that we were still in business and able to keep our 50+ employees working and providing for their families. We created a celebratory birthday video reflecting on our favorite accomplishments. 

There's even more positivity to share from the rest of the year - part two will be revealed tomorrow!