Tips on how to make the best during the Coronavirus Quarantine 

There's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it on. 
- Leo Christopher, Author


In the wake of an unforeseen pandemic, many of us are adjusting to a temporary new normal in this coronavirus quarantine. In America, we’d grown accustomed to the nonstop lifestyle of ‘work hard, play hard’. Now suddenly it’s all come to a halt and we are sitting at home, perhaps with the kiddos, trying to work, adult, parent, and even homeschool simultaneously.


As adventure seekers, the idea of staying home can be challenging. There’s only so much TV binging we can do before we get cabin fever. However, the slowdown has led to a precious gift – more time with our family (or even ourselves!). Here are a few ways to take advantage of this time before we inevitably ramp back up to full speed.  

phat scooter on the lake during coronavirus quarantine

#1 Get Outdoors while keeping social distance

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean being locked inside. All of us at Phat Scooters have a passion for adventure and the outdoors. As long as you are feeling healthy, go for a hike or play games outside in your yard!

Even just going for scooter ride for fresh air has been a wonderful escape from being confined inside (or for some much needed alone time). We’ve been scooting around to explore new parts of our neighborhood and found a beautiful nearby park with a lake. Share your #QuarantineLife with us @PhatScoot!

   School of Rock


#2 Consistency – Create a daily schedule

 If you’re not working from home, create a plan for the day by creating time slots for different activities such as starting off with a morning walk/indoor dance party, followed by rotating different hours of non-electronic study time, creative time, tv/electronic time, and clean up time. Setting goals and time limits for activities will help maintain structure in a time of instability. Click for a homeschool daily planner schedule!

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#3 Embrace the downtime with creative time

 If you have less work or aren’t working, take advantage of this opportunity to be more present and expand your creativity. Set aside time to start an activity with your family – a puzzle, games, gardening, reading aloud or painting together can create lifelong memories and strengthen familial bonds. ‘Mommy Poppins’ has great indoor activity ideas.

Marie Kondo 


#4 A Cluttered Room is a Cluttered Mind

That office closet you’ve been meaning to go organize? Now’s the time. We all have house projects that we’ve put off (hello junk drawer!). Help your kids learn how to arrange their room in a way that sets them up for success when they go back to school. Cleaning up a mess they've made themselves helps develop your children’s sense of responsibility. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Race to see who can finish first, or set a timer and give out awards for the best job in the allotted time. Music always helps too! Need inspiration? Here’s 5 tips from Marie Kondo.

    cat mail


    #5 Stay in touch

     When is the last time you or your kids wrote a letter to a friend or distant relative? There’s nothing quite like opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten note from a loved one. Write letters or postcards to let grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins know what you’ve been up to. For those overachievers, pre-write out birthday cards for the year. You could also send letters of gratitude to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude.


    Many of us haven’t experienced anything like this coronavirus quarantine in our lifetime. Let’s utilize these next few weeks to reflect, learn, clean, and most importantly, enjoy spending time with the ones we love...or maybe a little quality time with ourselves. 


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