Meet Erik Dorr, our Vice President of Sales at Phat Scooters

If you own a Phat Scooter, you probably know the amazing Erik Dorr. He’s so awesome that the world decided it needed two of him – he’s a twin! Learn more about Erik, his "Road Warrior" wife Heather, and how we became so lucky to have him as an integral member of the Phat Scooter family.

Behind the Handlebars: Meet Erik Dorr, Vice President of Sales from Phat Scooters on Vimeo.



VP of Sales

About Erik:
Twin Brother; Married to a Road Warrior; New England Sports Fanatic; Hotel Tech Enthusiast; Member of the Phat Band; Guilty of stealing hotel soaps and shampoo (then donates them to Clean the World)

Favorite Fender:
Perfect Blue & Erik is a sucker for a corporate branded logo (email him at to find out how to bring your brand to life on a scooter!)