May 19, 2020

Your (cool & fun) Electric Scooter History Lesson!

Today is National Scooter Day! Did you know that scooters date back to the 1700's? We've come a long way since then. Scooter inventors were ahead of their time and found innovative solutions to transportation long before they grew to the popularity we see today.

Here are some of our personal favorite moments in scooter history. 

Phat Scooters Employees

We are innovators… explorers…fun-seekers… enjoyers of the outdoors.  Always have been, always will.

- Phat Scooters


The Electric Motor
Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Gordon created the very first electric motors. 

The Invention of Batteries
Alessandro Volta invented batteries that could be a constant source of power for electric motors, setting the stage for advancements in battery and electric motor tech. 

The Father of the Bicycle
Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun of Germany created a two-wheeled, human-powered ride. This evolved into bicycles, tricycles, and kick scooters.

electric scooter drawing

 Laufmaschine, rider popularly thought to be Baron Karl von Drais, c.1818 (Source:

Adding Power to the Bicycle 
Ogden Bolton Jr. of the United States created the first battery-powered bicycle.

The Invention of the Autoped, The First Motorized Scooter
Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson & Joseph F. Merkel created the first “Self Propelled Vehicle’, or the Autoped. Promoted a level of freedom mobility for those without cars.

old mail men on electric scooters

Four special delivery postmen for the U.S. Postal Service try out new scooters in the mid-1910s. (Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

1935 - 1936
The Auto-Glide, A Budget Motorized Scooter
The Cushman Company introduced the Auto-Glide in Cycleworld Magazine – it had a low price point and less gas requirements than a car.

woman on electric scooter

Amelia Earhart poses with a motorized scooter in 1935. (Corbis via Getty Images)

The Stand-Up Go-Ped Takes the Scene
Go-Ped introduces the first production stand-up scooters, the "Roadster" and the "Sport". 

The Quest for Bratwurst Leads to Innovation
Wim Ouboter was in the mood for a St. Gallen bratwurst in Zurich. The journey there was too short for the car but too long to go by foot, so he created an adult version of a collapsable lightweight scooter suited for 'microdistances'. (Engineering derived from the need for a bratwurst? We love it!)

Scooters Go Electric
Razor added an electric motor to its scooter.

The Invention of Lithium-Ion Batteries 
Myway (soon to be Inokim) used new more efficient lithium-ion batteries to make fast scooters that could be charged at home.

Phat Beginnings 
The founders of Phat Scooters rode a version of an electric fat tire scooter from China and noticed several design flaws. They were neighbors and friends looking for a way to get to one another's houses without the exhaustion of a bike or using gas from a car and couldn't find anything on the market that was reliable. They began tinkering with ways to improve on the flaws and engineered several prototypes before perfecting the final model.

Phat Scooters Introduces The Phatty 
Phat Scooters officially became a company and launched their original fat tire electric scooter, the Phatty, as well as the smaller model, the Sport. They moved from Peter's garage to an office warehouse in Phoenix, AZ.

The first phat scooter office
The first Phat Scooters Office

Innovating business… understanding that life isn’t just about work, but also about pleasure.

- Phat Scooters

2018 - 2019

Growth and New Products
The company quickly outgrew the first warehouse and moved into another larger facility that could accommodate the rapid growth. The toughest challenge over these two years was keeping up with inventory to supply the increasing demand. During that time we engineered new scooter & ebike products (the HD, the HD Golf, the PHLEX, and the PHLEET) as well as grew our team of incredible employees at the Tempe office.

Electric Scooters Built for Adventure 
In the midst of a pandemic, fun-seekers across the country found joy in riding their Phat Scooters around their neighborhood. More people than ever are riding Phat - Phat Scooters now has customers in every state across the US and is in the process of expanding into Canada.

Phat Scooters is an undeniably exciting way to cruise around your neighborhood and explore new paths with your family and friends. 

Phat Scooters 2020 from Phat Scooters on Vimeo.